About Me

George S. Levy (B. Engineering, M. Engineering, MBA, US Patent Bar) is experienced in many aspects of innovation and technology transfer. An inventor himself, he has been awarded five patents and has written successful proposals to government agencies. He has won government contracts as well as managed and participated in projects covering a wide diversity of technological fields.

Past Research Areas

• Algorithms  • Artificial intelligence • Boinformatics • Biological systems  • Computers Hardware Design • Central Processing Unit (CPU) Design • Compiler design  • Desalination • Displays • Electrical engineering • Electronics • Embedded computing  • Expert systems • Graphical User Interfaces • Integral photography • Liquid Crystals  • Mechanical engineering • Material science • Navigation  • Neural nets • Optics • Physical chemistry • Physics • Plastic Design • Radar Altimeters  • Radar (Doppler) • Software

Past Research Projects

  • Embedded processor for “arm” of Space Shuttle
  • Navigation System Using Kalman Filter Algorithm
  • Algorithm for extracting range data from multi-frequency phase data
  • Expert system mission planner for cruise missiles
  • Neural nets mission planner for cruise missiles
  • Expert system for configuration of military communication system
  • Stealthy operation unmanned vehicles
  • Hardware parallel correlator for genome analysis application
  • Antiglare optical device using micro-lens arrays
  • Autodarkening welding visors or goggles with stroboscopic lighting
  • Autodarkening welding goggles using focal plane photochromic liquid crystals
  • Azimuth sensor using the sun’s position
  • Flat camera using microlens arrays
  • Competitive in-vitro selection of bacterial species
  • Remote detection and identification by Raman Scattering passive transponder
  • Lie detector using reaction time
  • Desalination process by vapor compression
  • Door safety device for children


Intellectual Property